A group of Sidmothians gathered together to form the Sidmouth Daffodil Society.
The purpose of the Society is to promote daffodil planting throughout the Sid Valley and to build on the legacy
of the Sid Vale Association's Million Bulb project, from the generous bequest of Keith Owen.

The Sidmouth Daffodil Society are in the process of planting another 3000 bulbs this autumn
and will continue to plant every autumn for the foreseeable future.
The varieties being planted this year are:
Pink Pride - a March flowering white and pink new variety
    Geranium - a late, multiheaded, scented white and orange variety    
Cheerfulness - a late, multiheaded scented double

There will not be a Daffodil Day in 2024

but we hope there will still be a plant fair at Kennaway House in early March with all your favourite plant nurseries :

Avon Bulbs - https://www.avonbulbs.co.uk                                  Gardeners Delight Nursery

Hilltop Garden & Nursery - http://www.hilltopgarden.co.uk              Mr Foxes Garden Metal sculptures

Millwood Plants - https://www.millwoodplants.com                            Piccolo Nursery from Branscombe

Sidmouth Daffodil Society - selling pots of unusual daffodils.

Strete Gate Camellias - http://www.stretegatecamellias.co.uk                  Triffids Nursery     

Tynings Plants: https://tyningsplants.co.uk           Wild Thyme Plants - Link to their Facebook Page

Link Sidmouth Herald feature - 16/10/2023

The Society's fund raising has resulted already in the acquisition of two new daffodil varieties, 'Sidmouth' and 'Keith Owen'
which have been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society.

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