Daffodil Planting History.

Joy Seward, the past president of Sidmouth in Bloom, ingeniously started Daffodil planting in the 1990s with the help of many local societies.
Thousands of daffodils were planted on the main A3052 at the turning into Sidmouth.

In 2007 Keith Owen, a terminally ill Canadian investment banker, who loved Sidmouth,
decided to leave his entire life savings to the care of the Sid Vale Association { SVA }.
Link to the Sid Vale Association website.

Keith wanted the income generated to benefit the whole Sid Valley and one of his visions was to create a 'million blooms' in Sidmouth.
Thus in 2010 the SVA launched the 'Million Bulb Scheme', a huge community project of planting bulbs, especially daffodils,
which was to continue over the next few years.

Along with a large number of volunteers, including local school children and Sidmouth in Bloom
- under their hard working chairman Lynette Talbot - they planted hundreds of thousands of bulbs around the town.
It was a major undertaking.

The Sidmouth Daffodil Society want to build on this incredible achievement and continue the planting
to complement the grander scale of the SVA scheme.

The Society has planted more than three thousand bulbs around the valley this autumn.

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