Our Daffodils.

We are proud to announce that two new Daffodil varieties
have been acquired by the Society with the funds raised so far.

They were bred by R. & A. Scamp of Quality Daffodils in Cornwall
Link to www.qualitydaffodils.com
and have been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society.

The first to the right, named 'Sidmouth'
is a multi-stemmed, fragrant, yellow bloom
with a small cup, red centre.


The variety on the left is named 'Keith Owen'
in honour of Sidmouth's benefactor,
who first suggested the million blooms idea.

'Keith Owen' is an impressive pale daffodil
with a white perianth and a pink corona.

April 2018

Our own 'Sidmouth' daffodil
blooming in a Sidmouth garden!

Quality Daffodils have kept a small number of bulbs for their own private collection.

The rest of the 'Sidmouth' & 'Keith Owen' Daffodils have been delivered safely to our Society, who now 'own' these varieties.

On Saturday 14th October 2017 our bulbs went on sale from Barrington Tea Garden, Salcombe Road, Sidmouth EX10 8PU.
Link to their Facebook page

Only 150 bulbs of each variety were available and purchasers were restricted to five bulbs of each type.

The Society is keen to encourage purchasers to reproduce the bulbs
so that over time the two varieties become a common sight throughout the valley.

We will continue to bulk up our varieties so that a few 'Sidmouth' and 'Keith Owen' bulbs
can be purchased and planted around the town each autumn.

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