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Day   2018

Easter Saturday
March 31st - 10am to 3pm

Kennaway House

Sidmouth's first Daffodil Day a blooming success - by Clarissa Place - from the 'Sidmouth Herald' website - 10th April :

Organiser Sally Blyth with Lady Christine Skelmersdale. Ref shs 14 18TI 0710. Picture: Terry Ife

Sidmouth's very first Daffodil Day was a blooming success as organisers showcased the best of the flower variety at the weekend.
Visitors could see the work of eight different nurseries, including a Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner,
or take a guided walk led by Richard Eley around some of the town's daffodil sites.

Outside Kennaway House was a daffodil decorated vintage Charabanc Toast Rack and specially made giant daffodils from Millin Metal.
Inside, guests could view sixty local artists' paintings and pictures and photographs by school children all inspired by the yellow flower.

Sid Vale Folk performed in the Cellar Bar - which was followed by talks from Lady Christine Skelmersdale, from Broadleigh Gardens,
Kevin Hughes and the Reverend Handel Bennett and his wife Joan,
on how the Sid Vale Association organised the community planting of over 600,000 bulbs in Sidmouth.

There was also a Marie Curie tombola, daffodil gifts, a raffle and scrumptious cakes.

Nick Wade of Gardeners Delight Nursery. Ref shs 14 18TI 0723. Picture: Terry Ife                              Maggie Tinsley with Henrietta Bradshaw. Ref shs 14 18TI 0704. Picture: Terry Ife

Some further details from the day :

Talks were given by :

11am - Lady Christine Skelmersdale from Broadleigh Bulbs and Gardens, who holds the National Collection of Alec Gray hybrids,
                     will be talking about   'Using daffodils in the garden'.

12:15pm - Kevin Hughes, who has run the nursery at Heale House Gardens. He has had 30 years of field experience looking at narcissus
                     in the wild, especially in Southern Spain and he will look at the greenhouse and garden culture of daffodils,
                     understanding their ecological requirements and how that can help us grow them in our own gardens.

2pm - Rev. Handel Bennett, President of the Sid Vale Association, will be giving his talk on
                     'Keith Owen Sidmouth's Remarkable Benefactor' , who had the vision of a million blooms in the Sid Valley.

The Daffodil Art & Photographic exhibition was open to all.

Special categories for school age children, from under 5s to 18 year olds. Art materials as prizes.
Sidmouth Primary School is currently engaged in science lessons on plants, which they painted for Daffodil Day.

Nurseries attending the Plant Fair in the grounds :

Elworthy Cottage Plants - cottage perennials, alpines, hardy geraniums and bulbs including snowdrops and narcissus
                         Link to www.elworthy-cottage.co.uk

Gardeners Delight Nursery - Unusual & rare perennials, alpine, Climbers & hardy shrubs grown by us in North Devon
                         Link to www.gardenplantsandgifts.co.uk

Hilltop Garden & Nursery - Dorset grown hardy herbaceous perennials & dahlias & unique stone art.
                         Link to www.hilltopgarden.co.uk

Millin Metalcraft - incredible metal sculptures. Sam is making several huge Daffodil sculptures based on the 'Keith Owen' Daffodil.
                             The heads are over two feet across and look amazing!      Link to www.millin-metal.com

Millwood Plants - hardy, unusual herbaceous perennials for woodland gardens & shady places & cottage garden favourites
                         Link to www.millwoodplants.com

Pounsley Plants - Roses and rare and unusual herbaceous perennials
                         Link to www.pounsleyplants.com

Triffids Nursery - early flowering bulbs, snowdrops and shade loving perennials
                         Link to www.triffidnurseries.co.uk

Tynings Climbers - Chelsea gold medalists, specialise in climbing plants & hold National collections of Passion flower& Jasmine.
                         Link to their brochure

Wild Thyme Plants - beautifully scented, hardy perennials, shrubs & wildflowers.
                         Link to www.wildthymeplants.co.uk

The idea of this annual event is to establish Sidmouth as a centre for the promotion of daffodils, especially the early varieties
which can benefit from the valley's benign early spring climate and highlight the wonderful planting by the Sidmouth community.

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